Average Salary and Career Options for Master’s in Health Care

Having a Master’s in Health Care opens up a world of career possibilities. Unless you started working on your graduate degree with a very specific goal in mind, understanding the range of possibilities and potential for employment with your Master’s degree may be overwhelming. With so many possibilities, the opportunities for those with a Master’s in Health Care degree is encouraging and promises to provide you with plenty of chances to settle into a career that is perfect for you after graduation.

The most popular choice of many graduates with a Master’s in Health Care is to pursue a career as a hospital administrator. Depending on the size of the hospital, this job can entail anything from running an entire facility or specializing in the management of a specific department. Whether running the entire hospital or working in a specific field, graduates may find themselves prepared to manage hospital record information, financials and business decisions for the organization, quality and safety of patient care, and even clinical areas such as nursing or surgery. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual earnings for administrators in hospital settings in 2006 was $78,660, with some executives earning well over $100,000 a year.

While hospitals employ a large number of health care administrators, they are not the only place offering excellent opportunities for health care administrators. Other options include smaller provider settings such as physician groups, nursing homes, mental health organizations, and outpatient centers. Salaries for these types of positions average slightly lower than similar positions at hospitals, but depending on the size of the organization or the specialty of the health care providers, the salary for administrators can fall higher or lower than average.

Other options for career choices include a wide variety of health care-related businesses and non-profits. Educational organizations, pharmaceutical companies, health insurance companies, and organizations that shape health care policies are just a few of the other opportunities for graduates with Master’s in Health Care. The salaries for these jobs vary as widely as the possibilities. Non-profit and educational positions typically pay lower than average, but offer other returns such as knowing that the work you are doing benefits people and communities. Positions with larger corporations may allow for administrators to work their way up a career ladder with very high-paying jobs at the top.

Regardless of which direction your career takes, it is important to have some experience working in the health care industry in some capacity prior to seeking an administrative position. Whether you have a history in nursing, as a medical assistant, or even working in a medical office, this experience will serve you well when finding a job after graduation. If you do not already have this experience, see if your program allows for internships as a part of the educational process. Not only can you gain important experience, but you can also make connections with other administrators that may prove beneficial during your job search and over the life of your career.

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