25 Best Twitter Feeds to Follow the Swine Flu

By Kimberly Peterson

Twitter has quickly become a go-to source for people to find breaking news and information, often eclipsing traditional media outlets. And while Twitter is sometimes vulnerable to hype, there are authoritative members who use Twitter to broadcast accurate information to educate the public on how to respond to natural disasters, health emergencies and more. These Twitter feeds, for example, are set on sharing the need-to-know information about the swine flu.


Follow these government feeds for official alerts and updates from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, and other agencies.

  1. @PublicHealth: Follow the APHA feed to learn about threat levels, safety tips and more regarding the swine flu.
  2. @CDCemergency: The emergency response branch of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is all over the swine flu breaking news stories.
  3. @USAgov: Follow @USAgov to get breaking government news and announcements.
  4. @Healthcare411: This feed comes from the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.
  5. @GetReady: The APHA’s GetReady feed is devoted to publicizing stories and alerts regarding health emergency preparedness, health hazards, pandemics, and more.
  6. @CDC_eHealth: This CDC feed shares tips for healthy living amid public health emergencies and widespread outbreaks, like swine flu.


These news sources, including New York Times, BBC and NBC Nightly News clear up any rumors or false alerts through their feeds.

  1. @DailyMeHealth: This health news site sponsors a Twitter feed that is currently covering every story and update relating to swine flu.
  2. @whonews: The World Health Organization publicizes its news, alerts, meetings and more on this Twitter feed.
  3. @nytimeshealth: The New York Times shares swine flu news updates, but it also brings insight to how swine flu affects the medical industry, economy, politics, and more.
  4. @bbchealth: Find out how swine flu is progressing around the rest of the world.
  5. @Veratect: This emergency management organization is using its Twitter feed for the sole purpose of updating the public on swine flu.
  6. @LATimeshealth: The LA Times covers all things swine flu-related, including swine flu scams, food safety rumors, threat levels, and more.
  7. @cbshealth: Learn about travel advisories, threat levels, warnings against stockpiling, and more.
  8. @msnbc_health: MSNBC’s Health feed posts lots of news stories about swine flu, including research updates, rumors, school closings, and more.
  9. @MexicoCityNews: Find out how Mexico City is dealing with its swine flu outbreak here.
  10. @USATODAYhealth: USA Today posts news stories about swine flu alerts, and the outbreak’s effect on travel, the economy, and more.
  11. @healthTF: TwitFix’s health news stream is consistently updated with swine flu news.
  12. @mySA: Follow the San Antonio Express-News on Twitter, for updates from one of the U.S. epicenters of swine flu.
  13. @nbcnightlynews: The NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams tweets about the top stories of the day, answers questions about swine flu, and posts videos and commentary about the worldwide outbreak.
  14. @cnnbrk: CNN’s breaking news feed currently covers swine flu news stories, public health updates and more.
  15. @TelegraphNews: Get updates on international and European swine flu stories here.

Medical Feeds

Find out what doctors, hospitals and other medical agencies are saying about swine flu.

  1. @RedCross: The Red Cross is on Twitter, submitting frequent updates about travel advisories, tips for avoiding swine flu, and more.
  2. @sanjayguptaCNN: CNN’s popular medical correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta manages his own Twitter feed here, and is trying to keep the buzz about swine flu accurate and responsible.
  3. @mayoclinic: The Mayo Clinic is fielding questions about swine flu through their Twitter feed.
  4. @birdflu: The Health News Blog’s bird flu feed is currently covering everything related to swine flu.

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