How to Get a Master’s of Health Care Administration Degree Online

You are probably already working a full-time or part-time job and may be wondering how you can get a Master’s of Health Care Administration degree online without interrupting your busy life any more than necessary. The good news is that online schools have evolved to become fantastic resources for those seeking education while maintaining their current work status and family responsibilities. The first thing you will want to do is find schools that offer a Master’s of Health Care Administration online. Searching on the Internet or talking to others who have earned their MHA are both great places to start. Once you have found several schools you would like to examine, your next step is to research these schools.

There are many excellent online schools available, but some online schools offer degrees in exchange for money only or for very little actual work. These schools are not accredited and are usually listed as Diploma Mills or Degree Mills on sites such as the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA). Reputable schools will likely be accredited by an oversight organization. One way to find out if the Health Care Administration program you are investigating is accredited is by checking with the Association of University Programs in Health Administration (AUHPA) or other similar agencies. There are also several sites that will help you determine if a specific school is accredited by any of the main agencies. The U.S. Department of Education maintains a database of reputable schools that is worth visiting.

After determining which schools or programs are accredited, you will want to begin looking more closely at the specifics of each program to determine if it is the right match for you and your goals. Check that the curriculum offered is one that suits your educational needs. Find out what type of classes you will be taking and identify whether they will be appropriate for your goals. Research other criteria that may be important to you such as graduation rate, student-faculty ratio, and years accredited. You will also want to determine what kind of student services will be available to you once you enroll as well as ensuring that you’ll have assistance with career preparation and job placement after your studies are complete. And finally, find out what graduates of the online program think about their experiences. Determine if the students were able to find employment after graduation, what type of jobs they secured, and the overall feel for the experience at their school.

Once you have narrowed your search down to one school, you will need to contact that school to receive any paperwork you need to complete as well as determine what you need to submit with your application. You will probably need to provide your undergraduate transcript, GRE scores, and letters of reference. Many schools have other requirements such as a statement of purpose or a copy of your resume. Be sure to keep track of any important deadlines for application materials. The school will contact you after reviewing your application. Once you are accepted, then you are on your way to earning your Master’s of Health Care Administration degree online.

Featured Online Healthcare Masters Programs

Ohio University

Master of Health Admin.

Ohio University - Master’s Degrees. Ohio University offers students a rich academic tradtion that is now offered to students online. At Ohio University, students receive the same benefits of students on campus, but can take classes from the comfort of their own home.
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More Info from the University of Phoenix

Master of Health Admin.
M.B.A. in Healthcare Mgmt.
M.S.N. in Healthcare Mgmt.

University of Phoenix - Bachelor’s, Master’s, & Doctoral Degrees. University of Phoenix offers a variety of healthcare programs available online. University of Phoenix offers accredited degrees in healthcare that will educationally prepare students take the next step in their career.
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American InterContinental University

M.B.A. - Healthcare Mgmt.
B.B.A. in Healthcare Mgmt.

American InterContinental University - Bachelor's & Master's Degrees. American InterContinental University is one of the world's largest online universities and offers a large variety of degrees in the field of healthcare. AIU prepares students to start their new career by having an excellent faculty with a number of years working in their field.
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More Info from Northcentral University

MBA-Health Care Admin.

Northcentral University - Master’s Degrees. Master’s & Doctoral Degrees. The focus of the MBA degree with a specialization in Health Care Administration is to help you develop essential managerial knowledge and skills in financial management, legal and ethical issues of health care, and to examine and develop health care policies.
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Ashford University

M.A. in Healthcare Admin.

Ashford University - Master's Degrees. Ashford University offers Healthcare degrees for students interested in running a medical facility or working on the medical side of the field.
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Walden University

M.S. in Healthcare Admin.
M.S. in Clinical Research Admin.
Ph.D. in Human Services Admin.

Walden University - Master’s & Doctoral Degrees. Walden University offers Master's & Doctorate level Healthcare degree plans for students focused on continuing their career in the Healthcare industry. Walden University sets the industry standard in providing students with the best upper level degrees in that field of study.
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Grand Canyon University

M.S. in Health Care Admin

Grand Canyon University - Master's Degree. Grand Canyon University offers healthcare degrees in a Christian environment. Students seeking this type of education will be happy with the offerings provided by Grand Canyon.
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